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Flambé was born out of a shared passion for corporate culture.

Natalya has been hosting online events for several years focusing on companies in need of interactive virtual activities.

Natalya Wissink

Co-Founder & CEO

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At Flambé, we help teams nurture and grow social relationships, build trust and keep them engaged!

We’re in the midst of a culture shift.

The companies we work with realize that in order to stay ahead in the talent war, they have to put a strong culture at the core, but that’s not always easy to do in practice. At Flambé, we know that with the right tools and content, gathering online as a team can be easy, engaging, and fun.

Social interactions help to build trust.

With remote work, we have experienced less effective communication, weaker collaboration with team members, and fewer opportunities to socialize and bond with colleagues. We’re here to fix that. Together, we want to help companies to shape a corporate culture that puts their people at the center of their hybrid work strategy.

Great things happen when people are engaged.

Shape your culture to be more inclusive and engaging with Flambé


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